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Position Papers

CCBE Statement on the European Union accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (July 2013)


CCBE response to European Commission Consultation of Stakeholders on European Judicial Training (21/01/2011)


CCBE comments on European legal training (22/10/2010)


CCBE Comments on the Pilot Judgment Procedure of the European Court of Human Rights (24/06/2010)


CCBE response to European Parliament motion for a resolution on the European Commission Communication ‘An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen -...


CCBE Recommendation on Training Outcomes for European Lawyers (23/11/2007)


CCBE Model Scheme for Continuing Professional Training (25/11/2006)


CCBE Resolution on the Fight against the Death Penalty (31/03/2006)


CCBE Position on the European Commission Proposal for a Council Regulation Establishing an EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (23/02/2006)


CCBE Statement on the balance between security and justice in anti terrorist legislation (19/11/2005)


CCBE response to the Communication from the Commission on the creation of a Fundamental Rights Agency (22/12/2004)


CCBE Resolution on Human Rights and the Rule of Law (27/11/2004)


CCBE recommendation on continuing training (28/11/2003)


CCBE Position on the organisation of the defence before the International Criminal Court (12/04/2002)


CCBE Resolution on training for lawyers in the European Union (25/11/2000)