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News from the CCBE

The CCBE held its Standing Committee meeting in Vienna, Austria on 27 February 2014

The CCBE held its Standing Committee meeting in Vienna, Austria on 27 February, which coincided with the Conference of European Bar Presidents that was held on the following day. At the CCBE Standing Committee, the guest speaker, Dr. Konstantin Köck of Karasek Wietrzyk Rechtsanwälte GmbH, discussed the situation for young lawyers in Austria and noted that the decisive factor for success “will be whether lawyers can learn to think and act more along entrepreneurial lines”.... [+]

CCBE Publication

Improving Justice in Europe: The CCBE Manifesto for the 2014 European Elections

This Manifesto highlights the CCBE’s strategic justice concerns for the 2014 European elections, and is designed to support the implementation of an agenda for justice, fundamental rights and the rule of law by the institutions of the European Union.

Key proposals for the coming legislative session include:

  1. Ending mass electronic surveillance of European citizens
    Mass surveillance undermines public trust in an independent justice system and the rule of law
  2. Making justice affordable for citizens
    Citizens are being discouraged from pursuing their fundamental right of access to justice
  3. Securing sufficient procedural safeguards in criminal law
    Citizens still do not have sufficient safeguards to ensure fairness in criminal trials
  4. Delivering e-justice to citizens and businesses:
    There should be harmonised minimal standards for domestic and cross-border e-justice.

The CCBE looks forward to continuing its work with the EU institutions and, pursuant to the 2014 elections, to the further development of forward-thinking policies in the area of justice and human rights.  

Click here to read the detailed CCBE Manifesto.

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