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CCBE committees & working groups

Committees - Training - Documents attached

Documents CCBE Discussion Paper with a view to the harmonisation of the quality of the lawyers' training in the European Union. [1999-02-11]  
Documents of conferences Improving legal education and training in a converging Europe – Warsaw – 25-27 September 2007 [2007-09-28]  
Judgement Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, judgments and orders of the Court of First Instance concerning the legal profession [2011-04-12] 
Position Papers CCBE Resolution on Continuing Legal Education [2013-11-29]  
 CCBE response to European Commission Consultation of Stakeholders on European Judicial Training [2011-01-21]  
 CCBE Comments on European Legal Training [2010-10-22]  
 CCBE recommandations for Stockholm Programme [2009-10-16]  
 CCBE response to European Parliament motion for a resolution on the European Commission Communication ‘An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen - Stockholm programme’ [2009-10-16]  
 CCBE Recommendation on Training Outcomes for European Lawyers [2007-11-23]  
 CCBE Model Scheme for Continuing Professional Training [2006-11-25]  
 Analysis and guidance to Bars and Law Societies regarding Case C-313/01 Christine Morgenbesser v Consiglio dell'Ordine degli avvocati di Genova, 5th Chamber [2004-01-30]  
 CCBE Recommendation on continuing training [2003-11-28]  
 CCBE Resolution on training for lawyers in the European Union. [2000-11-25]  
 Interim Report of the CCBE on harmonisation of the training of lawyers in Europe - Frieders Programme [1998-02-20]  
Press releases European lawyers welcome the Commission’s Communication on European judicial training [2011-09-13]  
 CCBE adopts recommendation on training outcomes for European lawyers [2007-12-03]  
 CCBE issues a model scheme on continuing training [2006-12-07]  
Speeches The contribution of training and education to the identity of the legal profession - Training conference, 25-27 September, speech of CCBE President, Colin Tyre QC [2007-11-27] 

Committees - Training - Members

Chair of CommitteePier Giovanni TRAVERSA (Italy)
Senior Legal AdvisorSieglinde GAMSJÄGER
Members of CommitteeEric HEINKE (Austria)
Marie-Françoise DUBUFFET (Belgium)
Stefan PIETERS (Belgium)
Eva INDRUCHOVA (Czech Republic)
Pirkko KIVIKARI (Finland)
Manuel DUCASSE (France)
Christian LEROY (France)
Pascal MAYEUR (France)
Sabine GRIES-REDEKER (Germany)
Nikolaos KOUTKIAS (Greece)
T P KENNEDY (Ireland)
Steve JACOBY (Luxembourg)
Agata ADAMCZYK (Poland)
Andrej POPOVEC (Slovak Republic)
Aitzol ASLA (Spain)
Marta ISERN (Spain)
Julian LONBAY (United Kingdom)
Substitute Committee MembersStefan MÜLLER (Austria)
Barbara-Cecil PRASTHOFER-WAGNER (Austria)
Martine KLOEPFER PELÈSE (France)
Brigitte LONGUET (France)
Elisabeth MENESGUEN (France)
Emmanuelle SCHIRRER-CUISANCE (France)
Gaia PANDOLFI (Italy)
Marina VAJANA (Italy)

Committees - Training - Text attached

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