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CCBE committees & working groups

Committees - Training - Documents attached

Documents Study on the state of play of lawyers' training in EU law [2015-02-09] 
 CCBE Discussion Paper with a view to the harmonisation of the quality of the lawyers' training in the European Union. [1999-02-11]  
Documents of conferences Improving legal education and training in a converging Europe – Warsaw – 25-27 September 2007 [2007-09-28]  
Judgement Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, judgments and orders of the Court of First Instance concerning the legal profession [2011-04-12] 
Position Papers CCBE Resolution on Continuing Legal Education [2013-11-29]  
 CCBE response to European Commission Consultation of Stakeholders on European Judicial Training [2011-01-21]  
 CCBE Comments on European Legal Training [2010-10-22]  
 CCBE recommandations for Stockholm Programme [2009-10-16]  
 CCBE response to European Parliament motion for a resolution on the European Commission Communication ‘An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen - Stockholm programme’ [2009-10-16]  
 CCBE Recommendation on Training Outcomes for European Lawyers [2007-11-23]  
 CCBE Model Scheme for Continuing Professional Training [2006-11-25]  
 Analysis and guidance to Bars and Law Societies regarding Case C-313/01 Christine Morgenbesser v Consiglio dell'Ordine degli avvocati di Genova, 5th Chamber [2004-01-30]  
 CCBE Recommendation on continuing training [2003-11-28]  
 CCBE Resolution on training for lawyers in the European Union. [2000-11-25]  
 Interim Report of the CCBE on harmonisation of the training of lawyers in Europe - Frieders Programme [1998-02-20]  
Press releases European lawyers welcome the Commission’s Communication on European judicial training [2011-09-13]  
 CCBE adopts recommendation on training outcomes for European lawyers [2007-12-03]  
 CCBE issues a model scheme on continuing training [2006-12-07]  
Speeches The contribution of training and education to the identity of the legal profession - Training conference, 25-27 September, speech of CCBE President, Colin Tyre QC [2007-11-27] 

Committees - Training - Members

Chair of CommitteePier Giovanni TRAVERSA (Italy)
Senior Legal AdvisorSieglinde GAMSJÄGER
Members of CommitteeEric HEINKE (Austria)
André DELVAUX (Belgium)
Stefan PIETERS (Belgium)
Eva INDRUCHOVA (Czech Republic)
Pirkko KIVIKARI (Finland)
Manuel DUCASSE (France)
Christian LEROY (France)
Pascal MAYEUR (France)
Irakli KANDASHVILI (Georgia)
Sabine GRIES-REDEKER (Germany)
Nikolaos KOUTKIAS (Greece)
Tibor GIBA (Hungary)
T P KENNEDY (Ireland)
Audrius BITINAS (Lithuania)
Steve JACOBY (Luxembourg)
Agata ADAMCZYK (Poland)
Anna MASIOTA (Poland)
Andrej POPOVEC (Slovak Republic)
Aitzol ASLA (Spain)
Marta ISERN (Spain)
Julian LONBAY (United Kingdom)
Substitute Committee MembersStefan MÜLLER (Austria)
Barbara-Cecil PRASTHOFER-WAGNER (Austria)
Martine KLOEPFER PELÈSE (France)
Brigitte LONGUET (France)
Elisabeth MENESGUEN (France)
Emmanuelle SCHIRRER-CUISANCE (France)
Gaia PANDOLFI (Italy)
Marina VAJANA (Italy)

Committees - Training - Text attached

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