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CCBE committees & working groups

Committees - Deontology - Documents attached

CCBE Code Of Conduct Charter of core principles of the European legal profession and Code of Conduct for European lawyers [2016-08-16]               
 Status of the CCBE Code of Conduct at a national level (The table contains the responses from CCBE member Bars and Law Societies) [2013-12-04]  
Documents CCBE letter to OECD_Mandatory Disclosure in Tax Matters [2015-09-25]  
 Letter to Spain on membership fees [2014-11-14]  
 Slovenia : CCBE Letter to the President of the Republic of Slovenia expressing concerns regarding the illegal search of offices, homes and vehicles of three lawyers members of the Slovenian Bar Association [2014-01-20]  
 The Netherlands CCBE letter to the President of the Senate [2013-10-14]  
 The Netherlands CCBE letter to the President of the House of Representatives [2013-10-14]  
 List of National Codes of Conduct of CCBE Member States [2010-08-03]       
 Letter to Commissioner Mc Creevy [2009-04-17]  
 Regulated legal professionals and professional privilege within the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland, and certain other European jurisdictions - John FISH [2004-02-27]  
 Update of the Edward's Report on the professional secret, confidentiality and legal professional privilege in Europe [2003-09-30]  
 Declaration of Perugia [1977-11-30]   
 Report on The professional secret, confidentiality and legal professional privilege in the nine member states of the European Community - D.A.O. EDWARD, QC [1976-10-29]  
Position Papers CCBE proposals - European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Draft Report with recommendations to the Commission on the establishment of an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights [2016-05-20]   
 CCBE response to the online Public consultation of the European Commission on further corporate tax transparency [2015-09-08]   
 CCBE comments on the OECD Public Discussion Draft concerning BEPS Action 12: Mandatory Disclosure Rules [2015-04-30]   
 CCBE position European Commission proposal for a Directive on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secret) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure (COM(2013) 813 final, 2013/0402 (COD)) [2014-10-31]   
 CCBE letter to the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice [2011-10-18]  
 CCBE letter in response to Commission e-commerce consultation [2010-11-03]   
 CCBE response to European Commission proposal to amend Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 on credit rating agencies [2010-09-09]   
 CCBE Guidelines on legal outsourcing [2010-06-24]   
 CCBE response to Legal Services Board consultation on Alternative business structures [2010-01-25]   
 CCBE response to the second consultation from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) on amendments to rule 3 (conflict of interest) and rule 4 (duties of confidentiality and disclosure) of the Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2007 [2010-01-23]   
 CCBE recommandations for Stockholm Programme [2009-10-16]   
 CCBE position - European Commission proposal for a Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers [2009-09-04]   
 CCBE response to the Solicitors Regulation Authority consultation concerning the amendment of rules 3 (conflicts of interest) and 4 (duty of confidentiality) of the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct 2007 [2009-09-04]   
 CCBE response to the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s consultation on new forms of practice and regulation for alternative business structures [2009-09-04]   
 CCBE response to the Legal Services Board’s consultation on a regulatory regime for alternative business structures [2009-09-04]   
 Letter response to the Commission’s consultation on hedge funds [2009-01-30]  
 CCBE proposed amendments to Commission proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Credit Rating Agencies, COM(2008) 704 final [2008-11-29]   
 CCBE Response to Commission consultation on the authorisation, operation and supervision of credit-rating agencies [2008-09-05]   
 CCBE Response to OECD Working Papers on the Role of Tax Intermediaries [2007-09-14]   
 CCBE Response to SEC proposed rule:Implementation of standards of Professionnal Conduct for Attorney's [2002-12-16]  
Press releases CCBE raises serious concern regarding the Commission consultation on credit rating agencies [2008-09-09]   
 CCBE welcomes the preservation of client’s fundamental rights in European Parliament report on lobbying [2008-05-08]   
 CCBE adopts basic principles on disciplinary process for lawyers [2007-09-24]   
 OECD working papers on tax intermediaries raise serious concerns within the CCBE [2007-09-14]   
 CCBE issues a Charter of core principles of the European legal profession [2006-12-06]   
 CCBE welcomes European Parliament Resolution on legal professions [2006-03-24]   

Committees - Deontology - Members

Chair of CommitteeJosé-María DAVÓ-FERNÁNDEZ (Spain)
Vice-Chair of CommitteeBertrand DEBOSQUE (France)
Senior Legal AdvisorSieglinde GAMSJÄGER
Members of CommitteeManuel PUJADAS DOMINGO (Andorra)
Peter CSOKLICH (Austria)
Elisabeth SCHEUBA (Austria)
Philippe DE JAEGERE (Belgium)
Jean-Louis JORIS (Belgium)
Xavier VAN GILS (Belgium)
Jacques VAN MALLEGHEM (Belgium)
Petr CAP (Czech Republic)
Martin LAVESEN (Denmark)
Indrek SIRK (Estonia)
Thomas BAUDESSON (France)
Pierre CHATEL (France)
Denis CHEMLA (France)
Pascale MODELSKI (France)
Marie-Christine MOUCHAN (France)
Pascal SAINT GENIEST (France)
Emilie VASSEUR (France)
Barbara MAYER (Germany)
Andreas von MARIASSY (Germany)
Lazaros GIATRAKOS (Greece)
Nikolaos KOUTKIAS (Greece)
Andras SZECSKAY (Hungary)
John GLYNN (Ireland)
Ettore TACCHINI (Italy)
Edmundas BUDVYTIS (Lithuania)
Nicolas DECKER (Luxembourg)
Lucy DUPONG (Luxembourg)
Jedrzej KLATKA (Poland)
Maciej SLUSAREK (Poland)
Michal BUZEK (Slovak Republic)
Aurora HERRERA (Spain)
Margarita RAMIS (Spain)
Vincenzo AMBERG (Switzerland)
Ernst VAN WIN (The Netherlands)
Nick FLUCK (United Kingdom)
Katie HAY (United Kingdom)
Substitute Committee MembersLars OEKJAER-JØRGENSEN (Denmark)
Stefano BORSACCHI (Italy)
Carlo ORLANDO (Italy)
Gaia PANDOLFI (Italy)

Committees - Deontology - Text attached

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