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European Transparency Register Working Group

[Currently inactive] This Committee has been dedicated to work towards supporting transparency in the decision-making of the EU institutions and in particular the policy and legislative work of the EU Transparency Register. To stay updated on similar initiatives, you can follow the ongoing work of this committee : Deontology.






















      The Netherlands


Joint letter Lobbyists for Transparent Lobbying (06/06/2016)


CCBE response to the Public Consultation on a proposal for a mandatory Transparency Register TR (20/05/2016)


CCBE General Response to the European Commission Consultation on the Transparency Register (07/09/2012)


Amendment proposed by the CCBE to the REPORT on the development of the framework for the activities of interest representatives (lobbyists) in the European institution...


CCBE Response to the European Commission draft code of conduct for interest representatives (31/01/2008)


CCBE Position on the preliminary Draft report of Alexander Stubb (FI, EPP-ED) on the development of the framework for the activities of interest representatives (lobby...


CCBE position on the European Transparency Initiative (24/11/2007)


CCBE Response to the Green Paper from the European Commission on European Transparency Initiative (15/09/2006)


Recommendation for the CCBE’s registration in the register (24/10/2008)


Recommendation for the CCBE member bars regarding their registration in the Commission’s register (24/10/2008)