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CCBE-INFO 75 - September 2018

  • The CCBE Standing Committee: Director-General Tiina Astola’s speech on EU lawyers’ issues 
  • Winners of the first ERA-CCBE Young Lawyers Contest
  • Publication of the CCBE-CEPEJ Guide to Mediation for Lawyers
  • The Czech Brussels Office celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • The Lithuanian Bar Council appoints its new delegation to the CCBE
  • Training Lawyers on Asylum and Immigration Law
  • Human rights – The Dark side of the moon: The normalization of the state of emergency and the situation of the judiciary in Turkey
  • The Rule of Law in Venezuela

The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe welcomes EU Rule of Law initiatives regarding Poland and Hungary

The regulation of the profession, the defence of the Rule of Law, human rights and democratic values are the most important missions of the CCBE. Areas of special concern include, amongst others, the right of access to justice, the development of the Rule of Law, and the protection of the individual citizen.

CCBE-INFO 74 - July/August 2018

  • European Lawyers Day 2018
  • The CCBE reviews its statutes
  • Multilateral Exchange of Lawyers 
  • The European Commission’s Proposals on Company Law
  • The REFOTRA project
  • E-Justice: An Era of Electronic Information 

The CCBE calls for access to justice for migrants in all EU countries

Statement from the President of the CCBE regarding the situation in Poland