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Future of the European Court of Human Rights

The CCBE’s Permanent Delegation to the European Court of Human Rights, chaired by Piers Gardner, held a round table specifically focused on the future of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on 14 March in Brussels. A similar round table was organised in October last year on the role of lawyers in the execution of the ECtHR’s judgements. The results of these round tables will serve as a basis for the preparation of the CCBE’s contribution to the current debate on the future of the ECtHR. 

Indeed, in February 2010, the Member States of the Council of Europe began what is now known as the Interlaken process, to reform the mechanisms of the European Convention on Human Rights and to free the European Court of Human Rights from its increasing backlog of pending cases. Various reforms have followed, but after ten years, at the end of this year, the Committee of Ministers is committed to assessing whether these reforms are sufficient, or whether more radical measures are required for the Court to function effectively in the future. In this context, the CCBE intends to make the voice of the legal profession heard by contributing to the debate in the Committee of Ministers about the adequacy of the Interlaken reforms for shaping the Court of the future.