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CCBE-INFO 54 - July-August 2016

Editorial- 35,000 people detained in Turkey - The Future of Bars & Law Societies - Innovation and Future of the Legal Profession - L4 Meeting - Continued Crackdown on lawyers in China - Lawyers and the European Court of Human Rights - Public Consultation on the Regulation of Professions: Proportionality and Member States’ National Action Plans - CJEU: VAT on lawyers’ services compatible with the right of access to justice - Albania Seminar - Legal Aid - Commission proposal to amend the 4th anti-money laundering Directive (AML Directive) - European Commission Stakeholder Consultation Group for the Fitness Check of EU Consumer and Marketing Law (the "Group") - Training of lawyers on EU law relating to Asylum and Immigration (TRALIM)

CCBE-INFO 53 - June 2016

Editorial - European Lawyers in Lesvos - Call for Volunteer Lawyers - With or Without Us? - New amendments to the 4th Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive - Public Consultation on "Regulation of Professions: Proportionality and National Action Plans” - European Commission -  Supranational Risk assessment - European Court of Human Rights Seminar - Conference in Georgia - FRA Handbook on European Law Relating to Access to Justice - PECO seminar in Albania - General Assembly of the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary - CCBE June Standing Committee - ‘HELP IN THE 28’ online courses - European Parliament - Committee of Enquiry

CCBE-INFO 52 - May 2016

Editorial: Transparency and Professional Secrecy - CCBE Recommendations on the protection of client confidentiality - Free Movement of Lawyers Guide - Meeting between INTERPOL and the CCBE - e-justice Conference of the Netherlands Presidency - 125th CCBE Plenary Session in Lyon on 20 May 2016 - Annual Report on Implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights - Project of the month: Venezuela - The CCBE in Strasbourg with the Federation of European Bars (FBE) - Support group for imprisoned Turkish lawyers - Transparency and mutual evaluation of regulated professions

CCBE-INFO 51 - April 2016

Editorial - The meaning of the law - CCBE Conference on Innovation and Future of the Legal Profession - The future of law firms - European Lawyers Foundation’s project of the month: TRAINAC - Barcelona Declaration - CCBE highlights concerns about recent killings of lawyers and violations of lawyers’ rights in Ukraine - European Public Prosecutor Office - UIA and Casablanca Bar Conference - 2016 EU justice scoreboard - Twinning agreement between Georgian and Polish lawyers