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CCBE-INFO 60 - March 2017

European Lawyers in Lesvos - Defence of the Defenders Workshop - European Parliament Workshop on Training of Lawyers - Anti-Money Laundering - Criminal Law - TRAVAW (Training of lawyers on the law regarding Violence Against Women)

CCBE-INFO 59 - February 2017

CCBE Standing Committee in Vienna - European Lawyers Day 2017 - Defence of the Defenders Workshop - CCBE Memorandum on mutual recognition of lawyers’ cross border continuing professional development - Regulation on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders - Proposal for a Directive on countering money laundering by criminal law - Meeting with representatives from the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) - Anti-Money laundering - The breach of rule of law continues in Venezuela

CCBE-INFO 58 - January 2017

New Presidency of the CCBE - EC Package on Services in the Single Market - European Parliament Committee of Inquiry into Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion (PANA) - INGO Conference adopts Resolution on Surveillance of Lawyers - Day of the Endangered lawyer - TRALIM Project

CCBE-INFO Special Edition

Special Edition- European Lawyers in Lesvos

CCBE-INFO 57 - November-December 2016

Editorial - End of mandate - CCBE Human Rights Award 2016 - CCBE Plenary Session,

Brussels - Anti-money laundering - Protecting law firms - European Lawyers Day

- European Lawyers and the European Arrest Warrant - The European Lawyers

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