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The CCBE facilitates the dissemination of information to its member bars. It provides opportunities for bars and law societies to work together, exchange information, ask for support or data, and share expertise.

Through its close relationships with the European Commission and European Parliament, the CCBE is able to influence regulatory framework of the legal profession and legislation in a number of areas of substantive law, such as criminal law and company law. Through its long dealings with the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights, it is regularly consulted about procedural changes in those courts which are then shared through practical guides.

It also regularly shares best practices and information with its international partners of lawyers’ organisations around the world.




Through its legal advisors who monitor European legislation, strategies and policy developments, the CCBE provides information on important developments in the area of legal services both at policy and practical level.




The CCBE undertakes European-funded projects aimed at developing systems of use to all European lawyers, and ensuring that the development of justice programmes includes the concerns and needs of lawyers. Such projects may also monitor the implementation of EU Directives and recommendations. 




The CCBE regularly organises and participates in events designed to offer expertise and discussion on current or forthcoming EU legislation.




The CCBE compiles statistics, studies and impact assessments that provide resources on legislation and the legal profession, that can also be used for national policy-making. The CCBE regularly publishes practical guides which offer recommendations and best practices. An annual report details the work of the CCBE. It also issues a monthly newsletter on topical events, legislation, and research affecting the legal profession.





  • Provides assistance to national advocacy campaigns when European objectives or policies are involved.

  • Intervenes, when necessary, in court cases which concern core principles of the profession at European level.

  • Manages the Defence of the Defenders network which provides support for Human Rights lawyers around the world.




The CCBE identity card identifies the card holder as an admitted lawyer in one of the EU Member States.  The card facilitates access to courts, prisons and institutions. It is also recognised by the European Court of Justice and the General Court.

More information about the card can be found here.