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CCBE-INFO 69 - February 2018

  • Standing Committee in Vienna
  • Future of European Judicial Training
  • CCBE meets with the Fundamental Rights Agency
  • Defence of the Defenders at the European Parliament
  • CCBE Secretary-General, Philip Buisseret, invited to ELI Secretariat by ELI Secretary-General Dr. Vanessa Wilcox
  • Surveillance and online dispute resolution in final conference of MAPPING
  • Young Lawyers Contest
  • First board meeting of ELIL
  • Services Package
  • CCBE preparing for Three-Bar meeting with ACLA
  • European Lawyers Foundation
  • News in short

CCBE-INFO 68 - December 2017 - January 2018

  • New Presidency for 2018
  • European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer
  • CCBE Roundtable on Surveillance and the Rule of Law at the European Parliament
  • CCBE Amicus Curiae brief in the United States v. Microsoft Corp case
  • CCBE panel on “National security: a free licence for government surveillance?” at the Computer Privacy and Data Protection conference
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Tax
  • Venezuela
  • News in short

CCBE-INFO 67 - November 2017

  • 128th CCBE Plenary Session in Brussels
  • CCBE Human Rights Award – 11th Edition
  • CCBE-UNBA Joint Conference in Kiev
  • Commission’s Evaluation on 2011 European Judicial Training Strategy
  • European Lawyers Day 2017 – 4th Edition
  • TRACHILD project

CCBE-INFO 66 - October 2017

  • Proposed European Convention on the profession of lawyer
  • CCBE Standing Committee
  • FRA Report on surveillance calls for the protection of lawyer-client communications
  • The CCBE’s response to the public consultation on improving cross-border access to electronic evidence in criminal matters
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Report on the “Performance review of case management at the Court of Justice of the European Union”
  • Criminal law
  • RIAD Congress 2017
  • European Lawyers Day
  • The CCBE Training Conference
  • Overview of the ongoing EU projects run by the European Lawyers Foundation (ELF)
  • “Idea Garage: E-Justice” Contest in Tallinn – CCBE Representative leading the winning team

CCBE-INFO 65 - September 2017

  • European Lawyers Day 2017
  • CCBE Training conference
  • CCBE statement on professional secrecy / legal professional privilege
  • CCBE response to European Commission proposal on tax intermediaries
  • Future European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer
  • Criminal Law
  • Anti- money laundering
  • CCBE supports the Georgian Bar Association’s proposed reforms
  • ERA-CCBE Young Lawyers Contest
  • CCBE-UNBA joint conference
  • TRAVAW project (Training of Lawyers on the Law regarding Violence Against Women)