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The CCBE has excellent cooperation with the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), which is based in Vienna.  The Agency helps to ensure that the fundamental rights of people living in the EU are protected. The FRA has excellent publications on a range of issues of interest to the legal profession.  One particular issue is the FRA’s work on Access to Justice.  Access to justice is a core fundamental right and a central concept in the broader field of justice. However, it is a right that faces a number of challenges throughout the EU. FRA research shows that access to justice is problematic in a number of EU Member States due to several factors, including a lack of rights awareness and poor knowledge about the tools that are available to access justice. The FRA therefore seeks to provide evidence-based advice to policy makers at EU and national level in order to improve awareness of and access to justice. The work includes the provision of information about how to remove existing obstacles that hinder people’s ability to access justice, including groups such as children and migrants. FRA has also done extensive work on a range of other topics including Information society, Privacy and data protection, Asylum, migration & borders, Gender, Hate Crime and many other issues of interest.