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CCBE Annual Report







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CCBE Code of Conduct







Charter of Core Principles of the European Legal Profession and Code of Conduct for European Lawyers




CCBE Recommendations on the protection of client confidentiality within the context of surveillance activities

CCBE Guidance on Improving the IT Security of Lawyers Against Unlawful Surveillance

Practical Guides



CCBE Practical Issues for Bars and Law Societies on Corporate Social Responsibility - Guidance III


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The European Court of Human Rights - Questions & Answers for Lawyers


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Previous edition (2014):

Guidelines for Bars & Law Societies on Free Movement of Lawyers within the European Union

Practical Guidance for Advocates appearing before the Court of Justice in appeal proceedings

Guide to using the electronic filing system of the European Union Courts



Practical Guidance for Advocates before the Court of Justice in Preliminary Reference cases

Practical Guidance for Advocates before the General Court in Direct Actions