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CCBE Webinar on the situation of the legal profession in Turkey – 10 December 2020:

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Démarre le téléchargement d'un fichier10/12/2020: CCBE Statement on the situation of the legal profession in Turkey

On the occasion of International Day for Human Rights, the CCBE urges the Turkish authorities to uphold the rule of law by bringing an end to the persecution of lawyers and by refraining from taking any measure which would have the effect of hindering the independence, integrity and freedom of expression of the legal profession in Turkey.


The CCBE supports the 11th Day of the of the Endangered Lawyer with this Petition in supports of lawyers in Azerbaijan

2020 initiatives

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Every year since 2007, the CCBE has granted a Human Rights Award. The objective of the CCBE is to honour distinguished lawyers/lawyers’ organisations that have demonstrated outstanding commitment and sacrifice to uphold fundamental values. It is an effective and useful tool to raise awareness of the core values of the legal profession. The Award is officially delivered to the winner by the CCBE President at the Plenary Session.


At its online Plenary Session on 27 November, the CCBE granted its CCBE Human Rights Award 2020 to Egyptians lawyers Haytham Mohammadein, Hoda Abdelmoniem, Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy,  El-Massry, Mohamed El-Baqer, Mohamed Ramadan and Zyad El-Eleimy for their courage, determination and commitment to defending human rights in Egypt.

In addition to its 2020 Human Rights Award, the CCBE exceptionally granted a posthumous Human Rights Award to Turkish lawyer Ebru Timtik who died following the hunger strike she started fighting for and defending the right to a fair trial in Turkey.

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