COVID-19 :

CCBE publishes an overview of measures taken in some European countries addressing the impact of the crisis on justice issues

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The CCBE urges the EU Commission to take the necessary actions in order to address the worrying situation of displaced persons on the Greek/Turkish border.



COVID-19 :

As a precautionary measure, the CCBE has cancelled all physical meetings scheduled until early April in order to limit the spread of the virus. CCBE services will continue to be provided, in particular through the use of online communication technologies and remote meetings

The CCBE wishes to express its solidarity with those affected, pays tribute to the work of health professionals, and hopes that the management of the pandemic by national European authorities and international authorities will be carried out with respect for human rights and the rule of law.

COVID-19 :

Information for lawyers with pending cases before the ECHR: The European Court of Human Rights is taking exceptional measures

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Information for lawyers with pending cases before the EU Court of Justice: partial cessation of the judicial activities of the Court. Only particularly urgent cases will be dealt with by the Court.

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CCBE Info #86 - January/February 2020



CCBE Considerations on the Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence (20/02/2020)






The Find-A-Lawyer search engine is available on the e-Justice portal:

The Find-A-Lawyer (FAL) search engine allows citizens to search, in their own language, for a lawyer based on different criteria such as country, practice area, or language. 

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