CCBE Manifesto for the 2019 EU Elections An Agenda for Justice, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Towards a European Union for Legal Certainty and Mutual Trust




The European Parliament is holding a hearing on attacks against lawyers: an increasingly persecuted profession worldwide.



CCBE Info #78

January 2019


New CCBE Publication

The CCBE Practical Guide on European Court of Human Rights as been updated in October 2018


Funding Appeal: November 2018

Please help us continue to provide vital free legal assistance to asylum seekers in Moria refugee camp, Lesvos, Greece.



The Find-A-Lawyer (FAL) search engine allows citizens to search, in their own language, for a lawyer based on different criteria such as country, practice area, or language. 

The FAL search engine has been developed by the CCBE for the European e-justice portal. This portal provides European citizens with practical information, in their language, on judicial system and procedures. It aims to increase visibility and improve access to justice for European citizens.


The FAL search engine will help you to find a lawyer in one of the Member States of the CCBE, i.e. the Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and other countries in Europe.

The Find-A-Lawyer search engine is available on the e-Justice portal: