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Position Papers

CCBE Proposals to DH-SYSC-V on enhancing the national implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and the execution of judgments of the European Court of...


CCBE Guidance on certain aspects of the Tax Intermediaries Directive (19/10/2018)


CCBE response to the consultation on the EU strategy on the rights of the child (08/12/2020)


CCBE remarks on change of circumstances legislation (27/11/2020)


Model Article on Relations with Clients (27/11/2020)


CCBE Guidance on the use of remote working tools by lawyers and remote court proceedings (27/11/2020)


Annex: Analyses of videoconferencing tools


CCBE comments for a New Competition Tool as part of a future legislation to be proposed by the European Commission (14/10/2020)


CCBE remarks on the EU possible accession to the Judgments convention (02/10/2020)


CCBE response to the consultation on the New Consumer Agenda (02/10/2020)


Proposal for a Council decision on the accession to the Judgments Convention (02/10/2020)


CCBE comments on the functioning of the General Court (04/09/2020)


CCBE comments on the roadmap on the digitalization of justice in the EU (04/09/2020)


CCBE Response to the EU Commission consultation on the New Pact on Migration and Asylum roadmap (26/08/2020)


CCBE Response to the consultation on the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (05/06/2020)