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Position Papers

CCBE response to the public consultation on public-private partnerships (02/11/2021)


CCBE preliminary comments on the AML package (08/10/2021)


CCBE Comments on DG Grow Studies (08/10/2021)


CCBE response to the public consultation "Supporting crime victims evaluation of the Victims' Rights Directive" (08/10/2021)


CCBE position paper on the Artificial Intelligence Act (08/10/2021)


CCBE response to the consultation on the recognition of parenthood between Member States (25/06/2021)


Ensuring Quality in the Legal Profession (25/06/2021)


Proposals on further reform of the ECHR machinery (21/05/2021)


CCBE Position Paper on the Proposal for Regulation amending Regulation (EU) 2016/794, as regards Europol’s cooperation with private parties, the processing of person...


Public consultation on digitalisation of cross border judicial cooperation (30/04/2021)


CCBE position on the amended proposal for a Regulation establishing a common procedure for international protection in the Union (14/04/2021)


CCBE position on the Proposal for a Regulation introducing a screening of third country nationals at the external borders (14/04/2021)


CCBE contribution for the Rule of Law Report 2021 (26/03/2021)


CCBE comments on the Communication on Digitalisation of justice in the European Union (26/03/2021)


CCBE Position paper on the e-Codex proposal (26/03/2021)