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Position Papers

CCBE comments for a New Competition Tool as part of a future legislation to be proposed by the European Commission (14/10/2020)


CCBE remarks on the EU possible accession to the Judgments convention (02/10/2020)


CCBE response to the consultation on the New Consumer Agenda (02/10/2020)


Proposal for a Council decision on the accession to the Judgments Convention (02/10/2020)


CCBE comments on the functioning of the General Court (04/09/2020)


CCBE comments on the roadmap on the digitalization of justice in the EU (04/09/2020)


CCBE Response to the EU Commission consultation on the New Pact on Migration and Asylum roadmap (26/08/2020)


CCBE Response to the consultation on the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (05/06/2020)


CCBE response to the European Commission Consultation on the European Data Strategy (28/05/2020)


CCBE comments in response to the Commission “Consultation of judges, other justice practitioners and training institutions on the new European Commission Strategy on...


CCBE – Stakeholder Submission to Rule of Law Report 2020 - Horizontal Developments (14/05/2020)


CCBE position on the amendment of Rules 36 and 44 of the Rules of Court of the ECHR (07/04/2020)


Interpretation issues in relation to free movement of lawyers (20/02/2020)


Training programme for lawyers to assist clients in mediation (06/12/2019)


CCBE Comments on the Report from the Commission on the assessment of the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing affecting the internal market and relating to...