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Position Papers

CCBE response to the Legal Services Boards consultation on a regulatory regime for alternative business structures (04/09/2009)


CCBE Proposed amendments to Commission proposal on Credit Rating Agencies (29/11/2008)


CCBE response on the authorisation operation and supervision of credit rating agencies (05/09/2008)


CCBE Response to OECD on the role of tax intermediaries (07/09/2007)


CCBE response to SEC (16/12/2002)


Perugia declaration (30/11/1977)


CCBE response to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (06/12/2021)


CCBE comments on the European Judicial Training Strategy (26/03/2021)


The contribution of the CCBE for the next EU policy on judicial training (27/04/2020)


CCBE remarks on the Commission consultation on the Commissions Better Regulation approach (19/10/2018)


CCBE Response to the public consultation on the training of justice professionals on EU law (24/04/2018)


Memorandum on Mutual Recognition of Lawyers Cross Border Continuing Professional Development (23/02/2017)


Message addressed to the drafting committee of the ICCBA's Statutes (29/06/2016)


CCBE response to European Commission Consultation of Stakeholders on European Judicial Training (21/01/2011)


CCBE comments on European legal training (22/10/2010)