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CCBE-INFO 79 - Feburary 2019

  • The CCBE standing committee: director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, Michael O’Flaherty’s speech
  • Attacks on lawyers highlighted in the European Parliament
  • European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer: A guarantee for the proper administration of justice and the respect of the Rule of Law
  • International rules for cross-border access to e-evidence: CCBE urges the commission to postpone negotiations with the U.S. and the Council of Europe
  • Code of Conduct for lawyers under GDPR adopted in Slovakia
  • Procedural safeguards
  • The Finnish Bar Association celebrates its centenary
  • Effectiveness of access to justice in environmental matters, and how the EU has implemented the Aarhus Convention
  • Anti-money laundering – Supranational Risk Assessment (SNRA)
  • CCBE Committee chairs