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Position Papers

Conclusions du CCBE pour la Conférence Intergouvernementale 2000 (31/10/2000)


Position of the CCBE in relation to GATS 2000 on the obligation for most favoured nation treatment (31/05/2000)


Response of the CCBE to the green paper from the EC on legal aid in civil matters (20/05/2000)


Submission of the CCBE for the Intergovernmental Conference 2000 (05/05/2000)


CCBE Position on the proposal of the Court of Justice of 14 December 1998 to transfer further jurisdictions to the CFI


CCBE contribution european convention profession lawyer (15/09/2017)


CCBE position paper on the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act (26/03/2021)


CCBE Responses to the Digital Services Act package: open public consultation (04/09/2020)


CCBE Comments on the Stakeholders Consultation on Draft Artificial Intelligence Ethics Guidelines (01/02/2019)


Georgia - CCBE amicus curiae brief in the constitutional case Lasha Janibegashvili vs. the Parliament of Georgia (03/06/2020)


Serbia – Draft Law on the Bar (03/03/2011)


Ukraine - Draft Law on the Bar (23/10/2010)


Ukraine - Roundtable conclusions and recommendations on the Law on the Bar (29/10/2008)


Model Article on Relations between Lawyers (21/05/2021)


Model Article on Relations with Clients (27/11/2020)