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Position Papers

Statement Death Penalty (10/10/2016)


Message addressed to the drafting committee of the ICCBA's Statutes (29/06/2016)


CCBE resolution on continuing legal education (29/11/2013)


CCBE Statement on the European Union accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (July 2013)


CCBE response to European Commission Consultation of Stakeholders on European Judicial Training (21/01/2011)


CCBE comments on European legal training (22/10/2010)


CCBE Comments on the Pilot Judgment Procedure of the European Court of Human Rights (24/06/2010)


CCBE response to European Parliament motion for a resolution on the European Commission Communication ‘An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen -...


CCBE Recommendation on Training Outcomes for European Lawyers (23/11/2007)


CCBE Model Scheme for Continuing Professional Training (25/11/2006)


CCBE Resolution on the Fight against the Death Penalty (31/03/2006)


CCBE Position on the European Commission Proposal for a Council Regulation Establishing an EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (23/02/2006)


CCBE Statement on the balance between security and justice in anti terrorist legislation (19/11/2005)


CCBE response to the Communication from the Commission on the creation of a Fundamental Rights Agency (22/12/2004)


CCBE Resolution on Human Rights and the Rule of Law (27/11/2004)